Over the past two years Innovative Hydrology has been tasked with documenting various technologies used in surface water, ground water, and water quality measurement, and assisting with design and technical specifications. The following is a WEB version of the various technical assistance efforts that have been contracted between The World Bank and Innovative Hydrology.

The primary purpose of the web pages will be to assist the implementing agency in understanding the technology which will help develop an understanding of the road-map to modernization. Presented are suppliers, technologies, design concepts, as well as data collection and dissemination. This will be a living resource which will change as new technologies are discovered. Please feel free to provide comments or recommendations to Innovative Hydrology.   

The pages will have limited access and is intended for use by The World Bank, World Bank Consultants, and those agencies as the World Bank sees fit. It is expected that this information will ultimately provide guidance to borrowers to help in the understanding on how to develop sustainable solutions in Hydrology as well as Water Quality.  

Unfortunately, it is not possible to develop “standard” design and specifications to meet the requirements of all projects. The goal and objectives must be well understood before embarking on a design of a hydrology/water quality project. Hopefully, the content of these WEB pages will assist the reader in developing a clear understanding of technologies involved in building a real-time hydrology monitoring network.